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Dixons Shopping Centre
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Dixons Shopping Centre

The Heart of Hellesdon, Norwich , Norfolk Since 1983


How it all started


Once upon a time, many years ago, our Dad Kenneth(Ken)Dixon was born in his Grandparent's pub, in Baconsthorpe, near Holt.

dixonoldfrontHis Father was a carpenter and his wife was the businesswoman of the family. At one time she ran a fish and chip shop in Holt. They moved to Norwich and lived in Eversley Road, Hellesdon. Dad also became a carpenter but when work ran short he joined the army in 1919, aged 18, and spent 5 years in India. On coming home he met our mother,Nancy, who came from a mining family (Nee Mee), in Newhall,near Leicester. She went into service near Acle when she was 14 and later became a housemaid on Newmarket Road.dixons-centre-old

After getting married dad was again called up and was sent to Shanghai,China for a year. On his return he worked as a foreman for Sadler the builder,who lived in the White House behind the garage in Middletons Lane. They moved to a bungalow in Middletons Lane. Brother John was born there in 1930. In 1934 Dad lost an eye and with the compensation he received,plus a loan, he started to build houses. They then moved to Meadow Way where Dad was building bungalows. I was born in 1936 and we moved again, this time to

Red Acre on Reepham Road. It was about this time that the council told Dad to stop selling goods from his shed (no B & Q's in those days),so being the sort of person he was he bought the present site of Dixon's (formerly Bush Builders) and built a house with a shop on the corner. He nearly stopped building it, however Mr Chamberlain,after his visit to Mr. Hitler,said "Peace in our Time", so he finished the house and shop. dixoncentre3Shortly afterwards war was declared and Dad went off to do his duty. Having only one eye he became clerk of the works for all the army camps in North Norfolk, coming home at weekends and doing air raid warden duties. I think he had a good war from what he would tell us. Mum and us boys lived in the shop while the war was on and I don't think it was easy for her running the shop and looking after us. In 1941 they bought the rest of the site (who bought anything in 1941!!, I'm glad he did).

When the war ended Dad started building again. The shop grew and in so doing pushed us out so in 1947 Dad built a house in Links Avenue,which is where I still live. Brother John started work as a bricklayer and with Dad ran the building site. When I started work I came into the shop and over a period of time it began to grow. Sadly Dad died of cancer in 1964,aged 62, so after a time John joined me in the shop. dixondrawingThat was when DIY began to grow, and we grew with it, so we became Dixon's DIY Store. In approx'1983 we realised that times and attitudes to DIY were changing so we decided to change with it and after 4 years hard work we ended up with the now Dixon's Shopping Centre.

Sadly Brother John passed away in 2017,aged 87,

After all these years I still enjoy coming in to work, albeit part time.

Working together with my family, Nephew Graham, Daughters Lisa and Claire, Granddaughter Lois and Friends

I feel very fortunate


Michael Dixon